The Natural Beauty of Woven Shades

By March 28, 2021

What Makes Woven Shades So Popular

Nowadays, design choices seem endless for homeowners when it comes to styling their humble abode’s interiors. The more contemporary Scandinavian, industrial, and farmhouse designs continue to be ongoing trends. But that doesn’t mean old is out. Traditional, shabby chic and rustic designs are still a go-to choice for those who love a touch of old-world charm in their home. For those who want something more timeless and eclectic, tropical, and boho-chic fits the criteria.

Aside from furniture, furnishings like window treatments are also essential in achieving your desired style. And you’ll never run out of options for window treatments. You can find woven wood shades, also known as “matchstick” or “bamboo shades,” which is a popular choice for windows. Here are excellent features that make them stand out.


woven shades in dew


Convenient and Innovative Operation

Regardless of your preference for the old, new, or eclectic, you would definitely appreciate woven shades’ easy-to-use design. Woven wood shades can be maneuvered using a cord or cordless operation. With the said systems, they are already simple to operate. 

But motorization takes it to another level. Especially for tall and hard-to-reach windows, motorization makes opening your woven shades a hassle-free experience. All you need to do is press that button to open and close those shades.


woven shades fort woven


Natural Textures and Materials

Nothing beats nature’s beauty. Woven shades are made from either wood, bamboo, and reed. These organic materials give this window treatment a unique look and timeless appeal, which makes them a perfect match for any interior style.

Being a product of nature, woven shades come in different colors, patterns, and textures. Adding them to your window brings softness and warmth to your room.

Modern yet Classic Look

Woven shades’ versatile look makes it easy to mix and match with any room design. Not being bound by a specific style or period, woven shades cater to both modern and classic lovers. They look perfect with contemporary styles such as modern farmhouse, but they also complement traditional interiors.



Privacy and Light Control

Do you need privacy for your home office? How about letting some light inside your living room? Or maybe you just need to block out all light in your bedroom instead? Woven shades can give you all that.

Woven shades’ weave pattern affects the amount of light that gets through. A wider weave allows for more natural light while providing added insulation. But a tighter one only lets in a reduced amount of light, thus offering more privacy. 

For more privacy and light control, you can also add a light-filtering or room-darkening liner (blackout liner). Blackout liners are best for totally blocking out light in your room.

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Every design element affects the overall aesthetic of a room. Even the smallest details, such as window treatments, can make or break a room’s design. So it’s only fitting to choose a suitable one that works for you.

Woven shades have a lot of outstanding qualities that make it popular. But even with their remarkable features, still do your research first before purchasing one. Your home’s interiors can only reap woven shades’ benefits if used appropriately.

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