Best Ways to Clean Wood Blinds

Best Ways to Clean Wood Blinds

Most of the time when we clean our windows we turn a blind eye towards the blinds. Not anymore! Below we will share some advice on how to quickly and easily clean wood blinds. No more excuses! Cleaning blinds, or any window treatment for that matter, can be a daunting task. Plus, the larger the window covering, the more time it takes to clean. Even though it can be time consuming, good maintenance will keep them looking brand new. Other perks of the job are keeping the dust and allergen levels down in the house. Fun! The Blind King offers some quick tips on how to best clean your wood blinds:

clean your wood blinds

Note: Before You Clean Wood Blinds

Do you want to inadvertently cause damage to your blinds? If not, here are some expert tips and tricks:
• Real wood blinds should not get wet. Keep them dry!
• Don’t put cleaner fluid or any other potentially harmful chemical directly on the slats. Spray it on the cloth.
• Plan on doing a deep cleaning about 2x a year

Option 1: Vacuuming

Vacuuming your blinds with a soft brush attachment is the ideal way to clean your blinds. The brush attachment ensures the the vacuum won’t scuff or damage your blinds.  Turn your blinds to the open position while you proceed to vacuum slat by slat. If they are too high to reach, grab a ladder and someone to help you! Once you have vacuumed both sides, wipe everything down with a dryer sheet or spray them with an anti-static dust product.

Option 2: Dusting

Dusting your wood blinds regularly will keep your blinds looking brand new. Start by lowering the blinds as far as they’ll go. Make sure your wood blinds are in the closed position, or so they look flat. After your finish with side one, rotate the blinds to the other side and repeat.

The top three most ways to clean wood blinds are:
• With a feather duster (or even a soft dust cloth)
• The sock method! Put an old sock over your hand and insert through the slats
• Wood cleaning sprays

clean wood blinds

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